Favorite painters, cartoonists



Teachers from a distance – Various known and unknown, famous and anonymous painters, illustrators and cartoonists.


*      From Greece to exotic Tahiti.

*      With emphasis in color, they continue to impress, to influence and to teach.

*      Fairies and mermaids, suns, symbols,  strange worlds and pumas, big noses and hats, magicians and children’s moons.













Alexis Kyritsopoulos

(very nice pastel colors)





Minos Argyrakis

(very nice mermaids and suns)



George Vakalo

(very nice fairies and gnomes)






Alexis Akrithakis

(very nice tsikis - tsikis)




Nikos Houliaras

(very nice drawings with text)






Women weavers from Crete

(very nice donkeys, chickens, figures and pots)








Minoan fresco and wall painters

(very nice colorful dolphins, princes, amphorae and bulls)






Efthymios Varlamis

(very nice houses and towers)




Joan Miro

(very nice symbols and moons)






Paul Klee

(very nice imaginary worlds)







(very nice madness)





(very nice style)





(very nice noses)




Tove Janson

(very nice Moomins)




(very nice faces and puma)




F.J. Tripp

(very nice hats and magicians)





Naive painters from Tahiti

(very nice nature, little houses, bananas, fruits etc.)






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