The water that makes you invisible

and the

Old She – Devil with the 100 humps


The long journey to the edge of the world


Text-Illustrations:  John Kalokyris


A journey between the borders of fantasy and reality.


An optimistic fairytale about friendship, octopuses

and coincidences.



For young  readers (of any age) …





In four different places of the world, about the same time, four people begin to experience some strange events…


In Scotland Yellow Apple, an unfortunate and poor child, suddenly discovers that he has the ability to live everything that he wishes. But all the things that he wishes come from the sky above and fall on his head, filling him with bumps! In Canada Uncle - Farm, receives a life threat from some buoys which are trying to convince him to follow them. In Greece Spyros, who has a dancing school for octopuses and urchins, is forced to shut it down and starts traveling to find The – water – that – makes – you - invisible!

Finally in Africa Pata Piya, bored for the first time in her life, decides to go for a trip to meet new people and places.


Our friends begin the longest journey of their lives about the same time. No one of them knows the other. Every one of them has his own problems. All of them are looking for something. After many adventures and journeys in all parts of the world, our friends will be disappointed. But just when they were ready to quit and go back to their homes emptyhanded, the awful and terrible Old – She – Devil – with the 100 humps appears suddenly in the book … and changes everything!



For the moment the book is in Greek only. An English version of the book will be published in 2014.


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120 pagesSize: 15 x 23 cm

First edition: May 2013

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