Small alien


A small alien creature

watering his garden.



Small digital drawings



Illustration: John Kalokyris


A small collection of digital drawings.


*      The original drawings were made with stylus on a small iPAQ.

*      Then the colors were applied using various PDA drawing applications.

*      The drawings are in natural size (in the dimensions that they were created).








A -  Ornithographic digitals






Ornithographic emblem

with glittering extensions








Colorful tower with many windows on a green background.






Little house in the meadow


The house with its many antennas in the meadow of small things.




B Small digital faces




Small feather


Indian girl by the sea

paved with roses.








Evening swimmer

dives to catch stars.






Knight of the Round Pumpkin

 just before going to bed.






Big Head in Boat


Watching the sea, in a T-type planet (planet with pink seas etc).





Small island Ping


The little red Ping keeps the islands

 from evil encounter.







A thirsty walker, looking for water to quench his thirst.











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