Surprised Nose                                 


He saw something strange

and he was surprised…



Small digitals


Illustrations: John Kalokyris


Collections of small digital drawings.


*      These drawings were created using computer only (in a purely digital form).

*      The colors were applied using stylus on touch screen or digital tablet.

*      Drawing and painting applications for PDA were used.












Series of small digital drawings made using iPAQ.

Including digital ornithographies

and small digital faces.













Two lonely houses






Short architectural story without words. A lonely little house floating in the seas of the world is trying to find a place to stay. Lucky enough, it meets another little traveling house,

and they fall in love!




The mountain, the planets and the air balloon



Variations on the same theme. What are the planets and the balloon doing around the cloudy mountain? What are their intentions? Will the mountain react, or remain silent and unmovable?





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