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 John Kalokyris is a self-taught cartoonist and illustrator from Crete (Greece). His interests - apart from teaching and education - are the study of starry heavens and the mysteries of the Universe and of course the illustration and writing of children's books. Some of his works have been published in newspapers and magazines, and various of his paintings are in private collections.


Until 1998 he signed his works as JBG, but from then he uses the pseudonym  Arran. On this site you can see samples of his work and order books for children written and illustrated by himself.


More biographical info can be found here .


Below are the contents of the site (with brief descriptions). You can go to any section by clicking the icons or use the vertical bar on the left.






*     Galleries – Collections of drawings



1 – Morning collection






Collections of drawings from the series  «Fantasy Worlds»  from the period 2000 - 2009 (the first three galleries), a small collection of drawings with symbols and ornithografies (the fourth gallery) and later works from 2010 onwards (the fifth gallery).




2 – Afternoon collection



 3 – Night collection



4 – Symbols and





5 – New and latest works





Other sections of the site. Collections of earlier works, cartoons published in magazines, books for children etc.




Children’s Books



“The Old She- Devil with the 100 Humps”

 and more…



JBG – The First Years



A small collection of earlier works

 (1980 – 1998)



The Brindled Goat



Text with drawings or drawings with text.

The art of explanatory pointing.



Greek Mytology



Some Mytological  Monsters

and Heroes from Greek Mytology.



Small digitals



Collections of small

digital drawings.



FRACTAL Magazine



Drawings published

 in FRACTAL magazine.




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